Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Information that you can get in the Internet

In Jo Twist’s (2005), “Controversy blights UN net summit,” she describes that the current information society has many problems. These are that getting information and making guidelines about freedom in Internet is very hard, because many countries have different level of technology. In Tunis, many participants discussed how to solve these problems. Most participants agreed that more money was needed to help poorer countries. However there are two opinions for freedom of speech. The Chinese vice premier said, “we need effective measures to fight against criminal acts.” On the other hand, the secretary general of the International Telecommunication Union says, “Freedom in cyberspace is a pre-requisite for an information society.”

I think that sharing information is very important and it is needed to make guidelines for speaking in the Internet.

Firstly, for a balanced development, advanced nations have to give money and technologies to poorer nations. The reason is that, in an information society, knowing more information is related with developing industries. So, a lot of advanced countries must make a sort of international group and helping system. For example, it is good to give computers and set up LAN. These supports can decrease the gap of getting information between advanced countries and undeveloped countries.

Secondly, important and secret information has to be controlled by international laws. In these days, information has a lot of power. If we can get all information that we want, it can make many problems. Personal information can be used in imposture. Also, technical information is very important in companies. Especially, in a stock market, information about changes in a company can cause people to earn or lose a lot of money. So, we must manage information carefully.

Finally, we have to protect many people who are well known from everybody, such as entertainers, politicians, and even common people. We can write every time, everywhere and every word anonymously in the internet. In Korea, there was big issue about a woman who did not clean up her pet’s excreta in a subway. Some people took pictures and uploaded it onto an internet board without a mosaic. As a result, many people spoke critically of her and found out her private information. Although she had a big mistake, it was not right for her to be punished by people.

In conclusion, we have to protect poorer countries because of balanced development. Also, we have to make a kind of laws to prevent damages about society and people because by managing information, we can help a lot of people who need that.

Twist, J. (2005, November 18). Controversy blights UN net summit. BBC News. Retrieved March 21, 2008, from


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